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Monday, 26 May 2014

"If we close our eyes and say it’s a dream.. it’ll stab us to death!"

"If we close our eyes and say it’s a dream.. it’ll stab us to death!"


So today a pretty sweet thing happened and I reached 3k followers!
and I asked you what I should do and the winning option was to create
a scooby gang network!

so.... i made one!

◢ what is the scooby gang network? ◣

  • the scooby gang network is a page for fellow buffy/whedonverse fans to talk about the shows that they love and to make new friends
  • members of the network will be able to post on the page and see the posts made by the other members of the network

◢ rules ◣

  • must be following this scooby
  • must reblog this post
  • you can like this to save it, but it will not count as applying!

◢ requirements  ◣

  • can be multifandom but buffy/whedonverse should be a part of that!
  • a nice clean, organised theme
  • some form of regular tagging is MUCH appreciated!
  • most importantly, just be a nice person!
  • must be willing to give me your email address so i can send an invite to the network if you are accepted (i will be the only one with access to that info!)

◢ if accepted, members…  ◣

  • will get a follow from me, if i wasn’t already following!
  • might want to follow the other members in the network so you can all get to know each other!
  • will get a spot on the network page
  • and a post announcing they are in the network
  • should track the tag scoobygangnetwork for any updates
  • and ideally track your URL so you can see when I’m talking about you if you get in :P (but i’ll send you an ask)
  • and will need to submit an icon, your name, and a short description of yourself for the page!

◢ info  ◣

  • if no one reblogs this then we all forget it happened, okie dokie?
  • will probably start with around 10ish members and will gradually add new members
  • will pick and announce the first round of members when this gets over…. 40ish notes, maybe? we’ll see :)
  • let me know if you have any questions about it!
That's all (i think!), happy reblogging and good luck :)
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